African American Heritage Study for a Historic District Overlay within the Center City Development Corporation (CCDC), City of San Diego Redevelopment Agency, San Diego County, California

Principal in Charge.  Mr. Mooney served as the principal for the African American Historic District Overlay plan that was completed for the CCDC. This study and implementing overlay plan were created as a mitigation program for the potential loss of important African American Heritage sites due to redevelopment. The study included a complete history of African American life in the center city area of San Diego from the late 1890s through the 1950s. The study was based on extensive archival research and oral interviews with members of the African American community, an inventory of residential and commercial buildings utilized by the community, and the development of a historic overlay district to preserve important physical features and memories of the community. The study received numerous awards and setup an overlay district that CCDC utilizes to review new projects within the downtown area to assure the remembrance of African American history in the area.

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