Downtown Specific Plan and Form-Based Code, City of Lemon Grove, San Diego County, California

Project Director. Mr. Mooney prepared an award-winning specific plan and form-based code for redeveloping the Downtown Special Treatment Area (STA), a four-quadrant area within the historic downtown. The Downtown STA includes an approximately 10-block portion of Lemon Grove that contains a San Diego Trolley station, City Hall and other municipal buildings, and the original business district, oriented around the intersection of Lemon Grove Avenue and Broadway. Working under the direction of a five-member subcommittee and city staff, the project team gathered input at two evening public workshops. Using this input and previous studies, the project team divided the STA into four districts and developed several alternative land use plans and development concepts for each district. The Specific Plan includes design guidelines, custom zoning and development standards for future improvements or redevelopment, and incentives to encourage property owners to implement their properties in conformance with the Specific Plan. A transit-oriented development program included densification of areas around the trolley station while preserving a walkable, revitalized commercial district.

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