Imperial Valley Solar Company 2 Draft and Final Environmental Impact Report , County of Imperial.

Mr. Mooney served as the Project Director for the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Report addressing the 2013 expansion of Imperial Valley Solar facilities in Niland California. The project included the expansion of an existing solar facility to add a 20 megawatt alternating current solar generation project on 158 acres and the construction of a 92-Kilovolt (KV) overhead gen-tie line interconnection to the Imperial Irrigation District Niland Substation. The project also included analysis of the Photovoltaic Modules, Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Connections and Wiring, Access, Security, Lighting, Site Construction, , Site Operations and Decommissioning. Key environmental issues included loss of agricultural lands, Biological resources with a special focus on the burrowing owl, cultural resources, air quality and aesthetics. The project was approved and the Environmental Impact Report certified without any legal challenges.


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