Las Aldeas Specific Plan, City of El Centro, Imperial County, California

The Las Aldeas Specific Plan and Program/Project Environmental Impact Report (EIR) included the development of a master-planned community with multiple neighborhoods on 685 acres in northwest El Centro. The project involved over 2,600 varied residential dwelling units, two schools, an extensive park and open space system, commercial and employment areas, and extensive expansion of the city’s infrastructure, including sewer, water, and roads. Key issues in both the planning and environmental process included the development of programmatic- and project-level alternatives that met new smart growth standards and created a walkable community with a distinct sense of place. The results included the planning commission and city council unanimously approving an alternative developed during the planning and environmental process that met the needs and goals of both the city and applicant. The final project reflected smart growth values and created a distinct zoning element to assure predictability in long-term development.

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